My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Talk to Me

My boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to me,” said the woman unsure of exactly where her relationship stands. Unfortunately, that woman is you, isn’t it? Your boyfriend refuses to talk about his feelings. Maybe he tells you nothing is wrong when it’s obvious something is. Or perhaps he won’t address the problems after you two have had an argument. Regardless of the source of the problem the result is the same. Communication is at a stalemate in your relationship and it’s wearing you down. Something has to change or you’re worried that the relationship won’t survive.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you the worst thing you can do is press him on the issue. It’s difficult not to do this especially if you aren’t consciously thinking about it. It’s exasperating when the man you love won’t address the problems that you two have. You take his silence as disinterest and that just creates more frustration within you. It’s no wonder why you’d feel the need to push him into talking. After all, your relationship and its issues are too important to ignore, right?

Before you take the stance of telling him that he has to talk, consider another approach. The thing that works best in this situation is to look at it from a man’s point of view. Men aren’t all about sharing everything they feel. They often pull back when they feel emotionally overloaded. What a man tends to do is disconnect himself from the situation for a few days so he can gain a clearer and more realistic perspective. That’s just what you need to do.

You’re going to handle your guy just the way he would handle you if the roles were reversed. If you feel the need to talk to him about a problem that you two are currently facing or you want to express some of what you’ve been feeling to him, call him up. Don’t jump into all of that during the call though. Instead, simply say to him, “it’s important that we talk at some point. I’m going to leave the timing up to you.” Then end the call nicely and try and push him to the back of your mind.

By telling him that you two need to talk, you’re expressing in a very direct and concise way your needs. By detaching from him after that, you’re showing him that you’re emotionally strong and mature. It also suggests to him that whatever is going on isn’t a life and death situation to you. In other words, your relationship problems are not running your life.

If you make the call and then stop trying to reach him, he’ll come around. Once he knows that you’re serious about needing him to discuss things with you and you’re in a good and strong frame of mind, he’ll be more open and receptive.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you, there’s a reason. Most women don’t have the insight they need to understand what their man is thinking and that leads to all kinds of misunderstandings and tension. It can even ruin your relationship.

You can gain the upper hand in your relationship and see inside your guy’s heart and mind. If you want to understand him so you can pull him closer and ensure you have the relationship you desire, learn how by clicking here.

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