How to Tell if He’s a Player

You’re dating a guy and you’ve been wondering how to tell if he’s a player.  Obviously, you wouldn’t be asking yourself the question if there weren’t some signs in his behavior that were making you question his sincerity. No woman ever wants to hand her heart or her body over to a player. You risk both when you do that. If you’ve started to have nagging doubts about whether he’s the real deal, there’s a few ways to tell. You need to test him and then gauge his reaction to really tell what is going on with him.

Understanding how to tell if he’s a player is about seeing how sincere he really is. If a man is indeed only dating you, he will have no problem introducing you to his friends. It’s normal when a relationship starts to progress for the couple to integrate their new partner into their lives. This includes hanging out with his friends as a group or double dating with a friend and his girlfriend. If you have yet to be introduced to anyone in his inner circle even though you two have hung out with your friends more than once, that’s a red flag that he doesn’t want you around those he knows. The reason is probably because they’ve seen him with other women and they may just spill the beans to you accidentally or un-accidentally.

Another way to easily tell if the man you’re falling for is a player is if he only calls you late at night to come over for intimacy. Even a man who has the most demanding job in the world wouldn’t do this to a woman he truly cares for. Your heart may skip a beat when you do see his number on your cell in the evening but if he’s only interested in hooking up sexually with you, let it ring and go to voicemail. He’s definitely not just involved with you and you don’t ever want to be the woman he just sleeps with.

Speaking of your phone, have you found that your guy typically lets your calls go to voicemail before he calls you back? Men will do this and then say things like they were too busy to answer or they didn’t hear it ring. That’s not it at all. When a man is involved with more than one woman at once, he usually has to get his bearings straight before he talks to either of them. Any man who is only dating one woman will answer when she calls because he’ll be so excited to hear from her. If that rarely or never happens in your relationship, your guy can definitely be classified as a player.

You don’t have to live in a relationship in which you continually feel ignored and neglected. You have the power to have the love you want with your man.

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