How to Steal Your Boyfriend Back From His New Woman

You want to know how to steal your boyfriend back from his new girlfriend. Obviously you still love him even though he’s found someone new to be with. Before you launch into an elaborate plan to win back the man you have to be certain it’s what you want for the right reasons. If you just want him back to prove to yourself that you still have it, don’t. If you feel motivated by your desire to be with him because you seriously can’t get over him, that’s a different story. Getting a man back, even if he’s hooked up with someone new, is definitely possible. You just have to be determined, patient and a little crafty.

Learning how to steal your boyfriend back from his new woman is all about a combination of restraint and being sneaky. Inside you want nothing more than to pull her hair out and show her the door. That wouldn’t go over very well with your ex though. If you show any jealousy at all over her, he’ll see that as a sign of weakness on your part. He’ll think you believe you don’t measure up to her and you’ll have to struggle to regain his attention even more.

Instead, you’re going to do something that is going to shock his socks off. You’re going to show him that you have tact and dignity in spades. The moment you hear he’s dating again you need to slap a silly grin on your face and look genuinely happy for him. Tell him that you’re glad to hear he’s met someone and if you happen to run into them together, introduce yourself to her as his old friend. He’ll stand there shell shocked with his mouth hanging open in disbelief. It cements your position as a particularly civil ex and it will help you as you move onto the next phase of your plan.

You have to actually become friends with your ex boyfriend if you have any hope of stealing him back from her. You need to get your foot back into the door of his life again. Since he currently has a girlfriend you’re going to become the next best thing which is a trusted, supportive and accepting friend. The reason this is so instrumental in getting him back is that you will eventually become his confidante. He’s going to start sharing things with you because he’s going to need a sympathetic, female shoulder to lean on. He’ll talk about the problems in his new relationship and you’ll offer supportive understanding. Then once they do start to fall apart, you’ll be the one person he comes running to for comfort and your bond will be back.

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