How Can You Tell if He Loves You? Insight into the Heart of Your Man

How can you tell if he loves you? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Virtually every woman who has ever loved a man has searched for the answer at some point. Men typically aren’t as easy to read in the romance department as we are. They hold their feelings close and they want to be certain before they start proclaiming their undying love. It’s hard for you though. The very fact that you don’t know exactly how he feels is driving you a bit batty. Fortunately, his body language is truly a window into his heart. There are some signs that are always present when a man is head over heels in love with a woman.

Many women will tell you that the answer to the question of how can you tell if he loves you is found in his desire to spend time with you. They’d be right. When a man loves a woman nothing matters more than her. He’ll drive hundreds of miles just to spend an hour with her. He’ll also rearrange his schedule to ensure that he has an opportunity to see her. If your guy always has time for you, regardless of how busy he is, he’s definitely feeling very close to you. Sadly, if he instead is always coming up with one excuse after another for why he can’t see you, he’s still testing the waters of your relationship.

Do your needs come before his? Think carefully about this. If you two are planning on going out to dinner, does he make the plans himself or does he ask where you’d like to dine? Does he start out every conversation asking how you are or is he his favorite topic of discussion? If your man is putting your needs and desires before his own he’s crossed over from like into love. A man will always want the woman he loves to be pleased and satisfied.

The telephone is another tool that you can use to tell how close a man feels to you. It sounds funny, but it’s actually very telling. Communication is obviously an essential part of a close and connected relationship. However, if you’re the one doing all the initiating of that communication, you’ll quickly realize that he’s not as into you as you are into him. Stop calling and sending him text messages as often as you have been and see how he responds. If he picks up where you left off and calls you more, that’s a true sign that his heart is in the right place and that’s firmly in love with you.

Every woman has the power to make her man fall in love with her. You can have a deep, undying emotional connection with him.

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