How Can I Get Him to Chase Me Again?

How can I get him to chase me again? If you’re saying this it’s obvious that you love your ex boyfriend still. You longingly remember the days when he couldn’t get enough of you. It felt amazing, didn’t it? Knowing he loved you so deeply. Back then you never would have imagined that the two of you would be this far apart now. The break up was devastating and since then you haven’t been able to move on at all. How can you? You love the man and if you didn’t fully realize it before, you do now. There isn’t anyone else for you. He’s the one so you obviously have no choice but to try and get your ex back for good.

If you’ve been asking the question, “how can I get him to chase me again?” one answer is to play hard to get. You may think that this only works when a relationship is new and developing. It works amazingly well for trying to recapture a man’s interest too. Men aren’t attracted to women who pursue them. They typically feel intimated and uncomfortable by that. If you’re the one chasing after your ex, don’t expect him to chase you. He sees no reason to because he knows that you’re his for the taking. You’ve made that very clear to him.

The best advice to get your guy interested in you again is to make yourself more interesting. It’s really as basic as that. Take all the energy that you normally would be using to run after him and direct it at yourself. Spend some time making a list of things you know will improve the woman you are. It can be anything from going to the gym more often to taking a class so you can further your career. Your goal with this has to be to move forward in a way that improves yourself, just for you. If you make yourself a priority, your ex is bound to notice that something has changed.

It’s so very hard to remain focused and positive when the love of your life is drifting away. All you really want to do is talk to him or think about him. That won’t help you at all. If you look towards the future and try and put the past behind you that will help you more than you realize. The energy that you give off to those around you is what determines whether they want to be near you or not. Negative, self deprecating energy will get you nowhere. Positive, uplifting energy will get you everything you desire. When you’re around your ex allow him to see the best you have to offer. Smile, stand tall, be kind and considerate to him. Your ability to weather this emotional storm like a mature and centered woman will impress him more than anything else you could do.

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