He Says You’re Being Too Emotional

You love your guy but lately he says you’re being too emotional. It’s puzzling to most women when they hear this. How is it possible to be too emotional when you’re wild about him? You feel things so deeply so naturally that’s going to manifest itself through words and actions, right? The thing is that men and women view relationships in very different ways. To us, being emotional is natural and healthy. When we feel something we want to express it. To a man, an overly emotional woman is too dramatic. She makes the relationship unpredictable and to most men, that’s akin to walking a tight rope.

If he says you’re being too emotional he’s essentially telling you that he’s unhappy with it. If he wasn’t, it would be a non-issue. Perhaps he said it right after an argument when you were crying or he told you that he was uncomfortable because you are often upset about the smallest thing. The main point is that it is bothering him enough that he’s felt the need to mention it.

Your initial and natural reaction when the man you love tells you this is to take it as criticism. Obviously that means it’s going to hurt. The hard part is that if you show him or tell him that it hurts when he tells you that you’re being too emotional, he’ll just reiterate the point again. You have to instead temper your reaction and learn how to control your emotions better.

One common mistake that women make is we overreact to small things. If your guy says something that you immediately take as an insult, when that’s not the way he intended it at all, he’ll label you too dramatic and that’s hard to shake. The same is true if you can’t hold your own in an argument. If you find yourself in tears and wallowing in self pity once the two of you launch into a disagreement, he’ll see that as emotional immaturity and that’s not appealing to any man, ever.

From this moment on you’re going to take a step back and consider what your reaction should be instead of just going with what you feel. Of course you’re entitled to feel what you need to feel but if your guy has commented on how emotional you are, that’s a clear indicator that it’s time to make a change. Think before you speak or get upset. If he said something that stung, tell him in a very clear and unemotional way. If you two are arguing and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by it all, excuse yourself from the room.

If a man sees a woman as too emotional that can be a deal breaker within the relationship. If you love him and want things to work, be careful how you present yourself. You don’t want to damage your chances with him if you believe he’s the guy for you.

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