He Needs Time to Himself

Your man has recently come to you with a confession. He says he needs time to himself. The moment the words left his lips, your heart sank. As much as you want to believe it’s nothing to worry about, you can’t help it. Something is obviously not working for him anymore. What exactly does it mean when a man says this to his woman and is there anything you can do to change his mind?

When your guy says he needs time to himself he isn’t feeling satisfied within the relationship anymore. Men typically say something like this when they are considering a break or a permanent break up. To them, the time is symbolic of their need for distance from you. Although many men try and sugar coat it by claiming it’s the best thing for the relationship, it’s actually what he feels is best for him at the moment. When you consider the fact that a man who is happy and finding fulfillment wants nothing more than to spend as much time as he can with his love, it’s obvious your man isn’t feeling that anymore.

You’re obviously going to feel distraught when he says this to you because you likely want to spend every available moment you can with him. To know that he’s seeking the opposite is heartbreaking. It doesn’t have to spell the end of the relationship though.

Instinctively you’re going to feel your panic button being pressed and it’s going to make you want to convince him that time is the last thing he needs. It is what he feels he needs though and you can’t overlook that if you’re hoping to secure a future with him. Now is the ideal opportunity to show him how much you respect his needs. If you can calmly agree to give him the time he needs, you’re setting yourself up for a renewed future with him.

He likely needs the time to consider what he wants for his future. He may have reached a crossroads in his life where he feels he needs to evaluate where he is at and where he hopes to be. You can ensure you’re part of that future if you present yourself as an understanding and supportive partner. Tell him that you recognize his need for time and you want him to take as much as he needs. Stay in touch with him during your time apart but keep it brief and only speak in generalities. Call him up once a week to ask how he is and how things are going. As he wanders through his thoughts and decisions he’ll come to see that you’re not only strong and dependable, but supportive and compassionate as well. It will help him to come to the decision that you are the perfect partner, after all.

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