Get Your Man Back in Your Arms

If it’s what you truly want, you do have the power to get your man back in your arms again. You just need to stay strong, motivated and focused on the task at hand. If you want anything in life you must chase after it. That’s just a fact.

You can start by letting your ex boyfriend know that you love him and that you want to be with him again. He may want nothing to do with this at the moment and you do have to respect that. Just tell him that you’re sorry for the way things ended up and that if given the chance, you’d be the most amazing girlfriend he could ever have.

Then you have to start proving that you’ve changed. It’s easy to get caught up in the blame game after a break up. If he was the one who dumped you, you may feel inclined to blame him for the entire breakdown of the relationship. He chose to break up with you because he didn’t want to be with you anymore. That isn’t a one sided equation and you shouldn’t be viewing it as such. Every human being can make positive changes in their life and you’re going to start doing that now.

Begin by being honest with yourself about what you do need to work on improving. Perhaps you were overly possessive or jealous during the time you two were together. Maybe your temper is quick to fly off the handle or you have issues with self confidence. Figure out what you need to fix and then set out on a course to fix it.

The universe works in mysterious ways and you’ll find as you chart your course towards a better understanding of yourself that good things will come your way. You’ll attract positive people into your life and you’ll start to feel better and better about yourself. It will also make a difference in how you relate to your ex. As your self confidence soars, you’ll feel less desperate and less inclined to promise him the world in return for him coming back to you.

For now, push any thoughts of getting back together with him out of your mind. It’s not going to happen in the next day, or week. Instead, look to yourself for understanding and acceptance and as he sees that you’re growing as a woman he’ll be attracted to you all over again.

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