A Plan to Get Your Boyfriend Back – How Ignoring the Man Will Recapture His Attention

You’re on the hunt for a plan to get your boyfriend back. Who could blame you? Your happiest moments were with him. You miss him like crazy and no other guy can even come close to him. It’s impossible to consider moving on when you are still so desperately in love with him. Although things feel overwhelming at the moment and you’re likely feeling as though you’ll never win him back, there’s a way that may just work for you. It does require some willpower and patience, but if you can muster up those two things, you’ll be on your way to recapturing his heart and pulling him back into your life again.

A great plan to get your boyfriend back is to ignore him. That’s right. You’re going to stop chasing after him and instead pretend as though he doesn’t exist. At first glance, it seems as though it can’t possibly work. After all, since the break up you’ve probably been running after him trying to get him to understand why you two belong together. It’s what most of us do after a break up. Our panic button is pushed and we launch into overdrive trying to convince the person we love that their future is with us. In many cases it borders on harassment. Your ex may have even told you to stop but you couldn’t. You just wanted him back so badly.

Beginning now you’re going to take on a new stance when it comes to rekindling that romance. You’re going to act as though you’re fine with the way things are and you’re going to seem as though you’re moving on from the break up. Naturally, you’re not. But for now you’ve got to pull on your acting chops and show him that life without him isn’t nearly as bad as you’ve been making it out to be.

The general rule when it comes to ignoring an ex is to give it two to three weeks. Right now that seems like forever, but if you approach it on a daily basis, the time will fly by. Use whatever resources you need to avoid calling him or sending him a message. Maybe you can hang out with friends more or start working out in the evenings. If there’s a class you’ve been meaning to take, now is the time. You just need to fill in your time over the course of a few weeks so you’re not contacting him.

The psychology of how this plan to get your boyfriend back works is very simple. Once your guy realizes that you’re actually gone for good, he’s going to have second thoughts. He’s going to start wondering how you got over him so quickly and why you’re not ringing his phone off the hook anymore trying to win him back. In other words, his ego is going to take over and long to have you back.

Use every ounce of inner strength you have to ignore your boyfriend if you’re intent on getting  him back. The difference in his attitude once he feels the distance from you will be remarkable.

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