Your Boyfriend Leaves and Comes Back Again and Again?

Your boyfriend leaves and comes back over and over. You’re so tired of it. It almost feels as though your heart is on the end of a yo-yo string doesn’t it? He breaks it only to come back begging you for another chance. You give in, against your better judgment, and the whole thing happens again. You swear this will be the very last time you’ll ever take him back, but in the back of your mind you know you’re only fooling yourself. It has to stop. You deserve more than what you’re getting from the man. The question is do you have the inner strength and insight it takes to make him stop treating you this way and make him start appreciating and valuing you for the treasure you are?

If your boyfriend leaves and comes back more than once, you have to take a stand. Whenever a woman allows a man to constantly dump her and then takes him back she’s sending a very loud and unflattering message to him about herself. She’s telling him that she’s not worth it. A woman who allows this to happen in her relationship is essentially announcing that she sees herself as someone of little value. She’ll allow her man to continually disrespect her just because she loves him so much. If you’re doing this, your boyfriend has little or no respect for you. He can’t because you can’t respect yourself much either.

You’re better than the way he’s treating you. You need to change it now. If you’re in the middle of one of your many break ups right now, then there’s no time like the present to make a move in a more positive direction. Instead of waiting impatiently for him to tire of whoever else he’s seeing now so he’ll come back to you, make it known to him that this time you’re not going to be there waiting for him. You could tell him that but it’s not going to have the same impact as if you show him that.

Call your ex boyfriend up and tell him that you’d like to talk to him. Don’t sound melodramatic or angry. Just sound like yourself. Pick a public place in the middle of the afternoon. A coffee shop works great for this. Then get a shopping bag and load it full of the things he left at your place. It can be everything from clothing items to DVDs, to his toothbrush. Whatever belongs to him that you still have in your possession needs to be in that bag. Then show up for the meeting looking amazing.

What you’re about to say to your boyfriend will certainly come as a surprise to him because he’s just filling in his time until he comes back around. Tell him that you wanted to put the past behind you so you thought he’d appreciate having his things. Then wish him well and leave. You absolutely must be calm and in control when doing this. Don’t cry or you’ll risk ruining the entire plan. Instead, smile, giggle a bit even and leave without looking back.

Once your boyfriend feels the sting of your rejection, he’s going to seriously think about what he’s been doing. You’ve essentially dumped him forever right there on the spot and any man who has lingering feelings for his girl, won’t let her get away. He’ll come crawling back but this time will be different. This time will be for good.

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