You Can’t Force Commitment

You can’t force commitment. Your mind knows that. Your heart doesn’t though. You want him to commit and it’s understandable why you would. You adore him and he’s obviously the perfect guy for you. Somehow, for some reason, he can’t see it. He refuses to commit. Maybe he even avoids talking about it altogether. It’s beyond frustrating for you though. You don’t know how you can continue like this. The good news is there is a way to persuade him to commit and it has nothing at all to do with forcing him in any way.

When you desperately want a commitment from a man the worst thing you can do is show that to him. If he senses that you’re feeling overwrought because you want a more serious relationship that badly, he’s likely not going to give it to you. When a woman behaves like that it scares a man. He feels anxious and pressured and those are two things no man wants to feel. He’ll hold off on agreeing to a commitment because he’ll become increasingly fearful of what it means for his future.

The very best way to get a man to want to commit to you is to give him more space. If you relax on the issue of commitment, it’s not going to seem like that big of a deal to him. He won’t feel that you’re constantly chasing after him to get more serious. In fact, he’ll feel himself getting closer to you emotionally because he’ll sense you understand and appreciate him more.

If you’ve been going on and on about how great it would be to be committed to each other, drop that talk immediately.  Recycle all those wedding invitation samples and bridal magazines. Remove the idea of a serious relationship from your mind for the moment. Your entire demeanor will change and he’ll notice before you say a word about not wanting a commitment so much anymore.

He needs to feel he has breathing room to make his own decision about when the right time to commit is. Most women in committed relationships will tell you that they weren’t talking about it when it happened. Their guy just surprised them one day with an announcement that he’d like a more serious and dedicated relationship.

Most men are old fashioned in that they want to be the ones asking you to spend your life with them. Allow him that opportunity by giving him some emotional space when it comes to commitment. You’ll be glad you did when he’s chasing after you hoping to get you to be his one and only.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

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