When Your Boyfriend Asks for a Break

When your boyfriend asks for a break it’s likely going to feel as though your heart jumps out of your chest. It’s hard not to feel that way. After all, the man you love is telling you that he wants time away from you. He wouldn’t want that if he was happy, right? It’s true. Men don’t randomly ask the women they’re dating for a break unless something isn’t working for them anymore. Your boyfriend isn’t happy and how you handle this delicate situation will determine whether the relationship can be saved or whether the break he’s asking for is going to turn into a permanent break up.

Your first and guttural inclination when your boyfriend asks for a break is to panic. It’s natural given the fact that he’s essentially saying that he wants some time apart. You see it as a step in the wrong direction so you react in a way that seems completely appropriate to you. You get upset. Perhaps you cry and you most likely beg him to reconsider. This is actually the worst thing you can be doing. It will almost always guarantee that he will end up breaking up with you instead of trying to make the relationship work.

The very best move you can possibly make when your boyfriend needs a break is to give it to him. If a man tells a woman that he wants some time for himself and she readily agrees that it’s a good idea, she’s completely shifting the dynamic of their relationship. Suddenly, he’s no longer holding the entire deck of cards. She’s balanced it out and has actually taken back control of her own future.

If you don’t overreact when your boyfriend tells you that he needs some time, you’ll stand a much better chance of keeping him. Even though you may find it romantic to think that you’re the be all and end all of his existence, he sees that as pathetic. If you stand up for yourself and you don’t break a sweat when he wants a break, he’ll feel a bit rejected by that. Suddenly, he’ll be seeing you through a new set of eyes. Instead of a woman who can’t stand on her own two feet outside of the relationship he’ll see a woman set to tackle the world on her own. He’ll feel you slipping away and he’ll start to wonder whether a break may result in you breaking up permanently with him. If he feels that, a break will be the last thing he wants.

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