My Leo Boyfriend Lost Interest in Me

You’ve loved and lost. Unfortunately, you’re still in love with your Leo man. He’s hard to read but you’re not entirely sure he’s over you just yet. As much as your logical thinking is telling you that once a relationship is done, it’s done, your heart won’t hear of it. You love him and facing a future without him feels empty and overwhelming. Whenever a woman says, “my Leo boyfriend lost interest in me,” it’s with some sadness. How could it not be? He was a remarkable partner and wanting that back is completely understandable. You can make it happen with the right mixture of insight and sheer will.

You already know that your Leo man desires a great deal of attention. This is true whether you’re trying to capture his heart for the first time or whether you’re working on getting him interested in you again. If your Leo boyfriend lost interest it could very well be because he was starting to feel ignored and neglected by you. You have to change that as soon as possible. He needs to become your number one priority.

Work on making him feel cherished and special. You can do that by telling him that you adore him more often. Also, surprise him from time to time with something unexpected. If he loves a particular sports team get tickets for the two of you to attend a game together. Plan a weekend getaway to a destination you know he really enjoys. You have to make him feel as though he’s the most important part of your life. That’s essential to keeping a Leo man interested in you.

One common reason that Leo men lose interest in a woman is because she’ll lack self confidence. If he sees you constantly questioning your own self worth it’s going to turn him off. You can’t let self doubt creep into your relationship.  Be proud of who you are and embrace all the things about yourself that you know are amazing. A woman like this will never have to worry about her Leo man wandering away because he’ll be so smitten.

A challenge is one thing that Leo men can’t resist. If you feel that your Leo boyfriend has lost interest, you need to become something of a challenge to him again. He’s not going to want you back if you lay your heart out for him to see by telling him how much you adore him. Instead, be just a bit standoffish. Focus more on yourself than him and he’ll wonder why you’re not tripping over yourself trying to get him to come back. A little aloofness can go a long way in getting a Leo man back.

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