My Ex Boyfriend is Confusing Me!

My ex boyfriend is confusing me! That statement is said by countless women, all over the world on a daily basis. Ex boyfriends can be just as confusing when they’re an ex as they were when you two were together. All those mixed signals he’s sending you are enough to make your head spin. The problem is that you still love him so ignoring his behavior isn’t going to do you any good. You want to believe him when he says he still thinks about you but then you don’t hear from him for days at a time. If you’re tired of these games it’s time to change it right now. You have to take control of this failed relationship and start putting the pieces back together so he will finally be yours again.

If your ex boyfriend is confusing you, you really need to sit down and think about where that confusion is coming from. If he’s been coming back around more and more yet tells you that he’s not ready to get back together, pay more attention to his actions than his words. Everyone is wary of getting back with an ex as it leaves you feel very vulnerable and exposed. Your ex is the person who knows the best and the worst about you and if you come to them and say you want another chance, you do risk being rejected. That’s exactly what your boyfriend is feeling right now so he’s testing the waters before he dives in. He’s attempting to spend time with you while at the same time he’s saying he doesn’t want anything more than that for now. Don’t push him.

One of the best things a woman can do when she’s dealing with a mixed up ex is create her own distance. If you continue to listen to him sending you mixed signals, you’re just going to be hurt again and again. The advice you need to be following right now is to focus on your own life and let him do what he needs to do. Don’t read too much into his voicemail messages and don’t chase after him if he hasn’t called in a few days. Instead, try and forget about him for a few weeks. Go about doing your own thing and let him work through his confusion. If he senses that you’re not going to play into his games, he’ll stop. That’s when he’ll come clean about what he’s feeling and what he wants from you.

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