My Boyfriend Wants More Space

My boyfriend wants more space. What do I do?” Panic is typically what a woman feels when she’s saying this. When the man you love comes to you and tells you that he wants more space it’s puzzling. That’s especially true if the two of you have been getting along well. Unfortunately, we can’t see inside the mind of our guy so even though you may have thought you two were very close, he obviously saw things much differently.  You really have to react in a very specific way if you hope to save the relationship. If he wants space, you have to be willing to do what it takes to get things back to the place you want them to be.

If your boyfriend wants more space, give it to him. I realize that’s much easier said than done but it’s actually essential if you hope to have a chance at rebuilding your dying relationship. Even though inside you’re aching to tell him to reconsider, you shouldn’t do that. The problem with trying to hold onto a man who wants time away from you is that it doesn’t work. If you do it you’re actually telling him, through your own actions, that you’re weak and desperate. If he hadn’t made up his mind to end the relationship yet, he will if you act that way.

The very best move you can possibly make if your boyfriend wants more space is to tell him you agree and that you’ve been meaning to talk with him about the very same thing. Yes, it’s a stretch to do this given how you feel. You have to muster up the courage to do it though. Rely on the knowledge that if a man feels that his woman is slipping away from him, he’ll rethink his need for space or distance.

Your boyfriend is counting on you waiting around while he decides if the space he desires will turn into a permanent break. Most women in your position will feed right into that attitude and they will wait for their boyfriend to decide the fate of their relationship. Don’t do this. Instead, agree that space is what you need to and then move on with your life without missing a beat. This will rattle him to his core and make him sit up and take notice of the fact that you’re headed straight out the door and likely right into another man’s arms. When your boyfriend starts to feel that way, you’ll definitely notice that his need for space won’t seem so pressing after all.

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