I Want to Get Married But My Boyfriend Doesn’t!

I want to get married but my boyfriend doesn’t,” said the woman seething with frustration. It may as well be you, right? You’re in the very same position. You love a man who won’t commit to you. You’re unsure of whether or not he sees himself as your husband in the future or if you’re doomed to a life of being a girlfriend forever.  As confusing as it is when the man you love won’t take that matrimonial plunge with you, don’t get discouraged. If you love him and you believe his destiny is to be your husband, don’t give up on him. You can have the wedding of your dreams and the happily-ever-after you want if you focus on getting him to want it as much as you do.

Whenever a woman is saying, “I want to get married but my boyfriend doesn’t,” it’s said with some resentment. You’re bound to feel bitterness if the man you adore doesn’t see fit to pop the question. You feel as though he’s in control of your future and that’s never a good thing. That resentment you feel isn’t going unnoticed by him though. He’s well aware of it and it may actually be harming your chances of getting him to want to marry you.

Before you do anything else, drop all marriage talk. If you are accustomed to bringing up the subject of your future wedding at dinner, talk about the weather instead. Throw out all those bridal magazines you have lying around and delete all the bookmarks on your computer for wedding invitations. Anything to do with a wedding or a commitment should leave your vocabulary immediately. This is essential for getting him to want a more serious relationship so don’t ignore it. It’s that important!

Also, stop fulfilling the role of his life partner if he’s not willing to give you the commitment it requires. If you’re making yourself completely available and accessible to him, he has nothing left to strive for. You can’t do that continuously with a man who won’t commit to you. Instead, start playing the role of the girlfriend more and the pseudo wife less. By that I mean, do more on your own. Stop focusing on the things he expects of you and instead do the things you want to do. Once he sees that you’re pulling back, he’ll start to understand the concept of life without you and the commitment he shied away from may now be exactly what he craves most.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you.If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

Learn right now what you need to do to make him fall to his knees and beg you to marry him.

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