How to Get Your Boyfriend Back After a Fight

You want to know how to get your boyfriend back after a fight. Obviously the two of you had a disagreement that ended in disaster. Maybe it was his fault or perhaps you got more upset than you meant to. Regardless of how it started, the ending wasn’t what you wanted at all. Now, you’re alone, confused and wishing you could find a way to move past the conflict so you two can be together again. It’s certainly possible. Knowing how to make amends and get him to forget the argument is the way to win him back again.

Understanding how to get your boyfriend back after a fight starts with recognizing the importance of an apology. This sounds so simple but can actually be incredibly complicated. If you feel that you were wronged, it’s going to take eating a piece of humble pie in order to apologize to him. You really have to see this as a compromise. During an argument fault tends to become a blurred issue. He may feel strongly that the disagreement was caused by you while you feel the same way about him. If you truly want to move past it and get him back you have to take the step towards forgiveness. Apologize to him and let him know that you regret the fight and what ensued afterwards.

Forgiving and forgetting can both take some time. You shouldn’t expect him to come running back as soon as you offer up your apology. The best move you can make is to say you’re sorry and then give him some space. Don’t call him later in the day to see if he’s feeling better about things. Chances are he won’t be yet. Just give it a few days to sink in.

Obviously whatever caused the fight in the first place can’t be ignored. You have to ensure that the issue doesn’t come up again because it will inevitably result in just as big of an argument and perhaps the end of your romantic relationship. Try to see where a compromise can be found. It may mean that you have to give in on your side but considering that your relationship hangs in the balance, it may be well worth it to accept that you have to give in a bit.

Also, work on improving how you handle yourself when a conflict does arise. If you can learn how to calm yourself down so you don’t immediately launch into a defensive mode that will be helpful for your boyfriend and the relationship as a whole. It takes too overly emotional people to argue so work on finding ways to keep your cool so your next fight doesn’t mark the beginning of the end of your relationship.

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