How to Get Him Interested Again by Ignoring Him

Your boyfriend and you broke up. You may have imagined that it could be a positive thing right after the break up. The idea of moving on with your life and meeting someone new may have felt like a new adventure. That was until you realized that you really do still love him. Moving forward towards something new isn’t possible when you can’t get over your ex. The only choice you really have is to regain his attention.  The question of how to get him interested again is your focus at the moment. If you’ve heard of the no contact rule you know that many women swear by it as a way to get their man back. It does work but you need to learn exactly how to use it to its full advantage before you start ignoring him.

Understanding how to get him interested again by ignoring him is all about creating a feeling of loneliness and a sense of curiosity in him. Our inner instinct is what drives us to continuously try and talk with our ex after the break up. This is why so many women make the unforgivable mistake of calling their ex asking him to take them back or writing him a heartfelt letter that he’ll probably glance at and never read. You can’t appeal to a man’s heart in this way. It’s just not the way men work. You have to instead appear to toss him aside. If he feels that you’ve put the relationship behind you and moved on, that’s going to get his attention and actually push some emotional buttons within him so he wants you back again.

Before you venture out on your quest to ignore him, you should be doing one thing. You need to set the stage so that your absence really does impact him. Obviously, you could just disappear for a few weeks and that will work. However, if you have a very brief conversation with him before and then you cut off all contact, he’ll feel your absence sooner.

Call your ex boyfriend up today since there’s no time like the present. Ask how he is and when he asks how you are, tell him you’re doing really well. Then let him know that you’ve called just to tell him that you’re sorry for the way things went and that you wish him nothing but the best in the future. Keep your tone happy and focused. Don’t break down during this call. If you’re unsure of whether or not you can keep your emotions in check, don’t call until you’re sure you can. Be the person to end the call and ensure that the last thing you say to him is, “take care of yourself.” Then hang up and then disappear.

What you’ve accomplished with that one, very generic call is priceless. You’ve allowed your boyfriend to see that you’re fine without him. Once he realizes that you’re not calling him anymore or chasing after him, he’ll suddenly come to the realization that you’re over him. That’s what you want to have happen because when a man feels that, his ego kicks into high gear and he’ll do whatever he can to prove that you still need him.

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