How to Get Back Together with Your Ex Boyfriend

You’re wondering how to get back together with your ex boyfriend. It’s a horrible question to have to ask, isn’t it? Relationships don’t always go the way we intend and sometimes we find ourselves broken up with the one man we truly adore. You’ve essentially got one chance to get him back. If you mess things up he may just pull back so far that any chance of getting back together will disappear forever. This is serious business. Your future happiness depends on it so be certain that you’re doing the right thing in your effort to get him to want you again.

Understanding how to get back together with your ex boyfriend is all about mastering male psychology. The main mistake that women make in an effort to rekindle a lost love is they go about it from a female perspective. If your ex boyfriend came to you with a love poem he’d written and a dozen long stemmed red roses, you’d probably completely forget about the break up, right? It’s such a romantic and meaningful gesture. That’s why we think that if we do something equally as romantic, he’ll come back to us. He won’t. Men don’t want romance after a break up. It’s the last thing in the world you should do.

In order to stand a fighting chance of getting a man to love you again, you have to play by his rules. Have you noticed how cold and standoffish he’s seemed to you lately? That’s because he’s unsure of what he’s feeling. He doesn’t want to let his guard down and let you too close again because he’s feeling vulnerable. That’s the very reason why you’re going to do the same thing he is doing. From this moment on you’re going to act a little cold and distant to him too. No more proclaiming your undying love to your ex. Those days are over.

The reason you want to pull back and mask what you’re feeling is actually very simple. If you suddenly show your ex that you’re not going to continually chase after him in an effort to get him back, he’ll react to that. Whenever a woman pulls back she’s sending a very strong message to a man that suggests that she’s happy on her own. The fact that you’ve been grovelling at his feet hasn’t worked. If you stop acting like that and instead stand tall and strong, he’ll see a woman who doesn’t need him anymore.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to be cruel or unkind to your ex. That’s not what you should be doing at all. You should be showing him, in the kindest way possible, that with or without him you’re a strong and independent woman. Do that and the man will trip over his own feet trying to get you back.

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