He Won’t Commit – Do You Know Why?

He won’t commit. It’s all you think about. You’ve invested so much of yourself, including your love and time in your guy and he refuses to move the relationship to the next level. To him, everything is fine and dandy just the way it is. To you, it’s heart wrenching knowing that he seems content simply being your boyfriend forever. It’s such a hard situation to be stuck in. Do you know why he won’t commit to you? Once you do understand the reason for his reluctance, you can address it and get the relationship moving forward.

There are several likely reasons why your boyfriend won’t commit. Most men who feel this way do so because they’re actually terrified. They’re not scared of being with you. That’s not it at all. What they are scared of is what a commitment will mean to their sense of self. When a man hears horror stories from married friends about what wedded bliss entails, they get a bit wary of jumping in. They envision every day being filled with home improvement projects and shopping trips that last hours. Your boyfriend may be fearful of taking the plunge because he’s worried that his life will change dramatically and all his “me” time will now become “we” time.

Another reason why he may not want to commit is he’s worried about money. It obviously takes a good deal of money to plan and execute a wedding and even more to purchase a home together. Many men grew up in traditional households where the man was the sole provider. If your boyfriend believes that eventually he’ll have to be responsible for taking care of you, your future children and all the financial trappings that come with that, he may panic at that and pull back when it comes to committing.

Finally, another of the reasons some men shy away from committing is they’re just not completely sure. This is difficult for both partners but if your boyfriend isn’t completely convinced that you’re the woman he’s supposed to be spending his life with, he won’t even consider committing to you. You can typically tell if this is what’s holding him back if he never talks about your future together and abruptly changes the subject when you do.

Understanding his motivation for not committing to you is essential to your future with him. Once you can pinpoint what the problem is, you can then start working on it to try and get him to change his view and see the promise that is there if he takes the relationship to the next level.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

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