He Says You’re Smothering Him

You absolutely adore your man. You feel that this could really be the one. You would spend every waking moment either with him or talking to him if you could. But he says you’re smothering him. The moment he said it you could feel your sense of self deflating. It felt like a kick right to the heart. How could he possibly misinterpret your deep and abiding love for smothering? Is it even possible to give the man you love too much attention? It actually is. If your guy feels as though you’re suffocating him within the relationship, you have to change that quickly. If you don’t, you risk losing him forever with little chance of getting him back.

If he says you’re smothering him don’t take it as just an everyday insult. That’s probably not the way he intended it at all. He’s telling you how he feels and if you were wise, you’d listen to him carefully. One thing that can derail a relationship instantly is if a woman hovers or tries to control her man too much.

If you are the jealous type and that manifests itself within your relationship, he’s probably going to feel that you’re smothering him. A perfect example is the woman who is constantly calling her guy because she worries about what he’s getting into. To him it’s not romantic or endearing that you want to talk to him so many times a day. He sees it as controlling and he also assumes your jealousy is an indicator of your own lack of self esteem.

Another way that women smother men is they push for a commitment very early in the relationship. If you two have only been together a few weeks and you’re already talking about where you should live and how many attendants you’d prefer in your bridal party, he’ll absorb that as you trying to suffocate him emotionally.

The best way you can correct any behavior like this is to back off completely. If he tells you that you’re smothering him don’t overreact. Don’t get upset or too emotional. Crying will only make him feel more uncomfortable and cause him to pull back. Instead, just take it as it was intended, as a critique of your behavior within the relationship. Then give him some space and take some for yourself.

Most men have no reason to stay with a woman who is overbearing. Trust in the fact that he cares for you and wants to be with you. Stop calling him throughout the day and allow him to make the calls instead. Don’t talk about the future anymore. Just enjoy the present. If you stop making him feel suffocated within the relationship, he’ll open up to you more.

When a man says you’re smothering him the relationship is at risk of falling apart.  If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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