Breaking Up Without Falling Apart

Almost every one of us will experience a relationship based on trust, care and responsibilities. For some people this package may mean getting a life partner and getting married, but there may be many who just want to fill their lusts and enjoy some good times. However, breakups in marriages and other relationships are not pleasant. We do not enter relationships with the plan of ending them because we know an end will be painful. We are actually searching for the perfect partner to build a life with.

But a major problem in such relationship unfortunately are what we know as break ups. Breaking up unfortunately is something most of us experience at some time in our life. And when there is break up in a relationship then the period of mourning followed by a healing starts for the people involved.

There are usually some known and also some unknown causes that lead up to the ultimate break up. In the best of situations the break ups are done through a mutual understanding may at times turn out for the better and in some cases the partners are able to remain friends.

Break ups that are not done through a mutual understanding – one where both partners feel the break up will be beneficial for both of them, tend to make one partner or the other feel guilty and the partner who has been ditched for another person feels rejected. Coping with the emotional turmoil that the partners have to deal with can make them feel very unwanted, especially if they are still missing the partner they care about.

Below you will find some helpful guidelines to see you through this difficult period.

  • Take a break from seeing your partner. This is true even if you want to get your ex back. The break will give you both time to cool off and think things through. Seeing him/her too soon could result in one or both of you saying things that would be regretted later.
  • Use this break time to catch up on old friendships, hobbies, and work on self-improvement.
  • Allow yourself the time you need for your new adjustment. After a week or so, or when you feel ready, begin going out with friends. Be open to getting to know new people and even to dating. This is not necessarily an attempt to meet a new love of your life, but to make your life and you as a person more interesting.

Remember that life is a journey and you have not reached the end of a road, only an option to take a new direction. The choice is yours.

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