10 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Love isn’t easy. We all wish it was. We want it to be. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could wave a magic wand and magically keep your ex devoted solely to you? Unfortunately, love just does not work that way. Instead, things change, people grow apart and what was once a fairytale love story now has a crash and burn ending. He dumped you or maybe you grew tired of him. Regardless, you’re now looking back on the failed relationship and realizing that you want the man back. He can be yours again. The key is to know how to make it happen. There are 10 ways to get your boyfriend back that are easy to follow and effective. Try one or all 10 if you’re determined to get another chance with your personal prince charming.

Here are 10 ways to get your boyfriend back if you still love him:

Give yourself a time out. You need some perspective on the situation and you’re not going to get that sitting at home night after night pining away for your ex. Take 2 weeks to just let things go. Try and use that time doing anything but thinking about your ex or chasing after him. You need that emotional and physical distance so you can feel stronger and more focused on what’s best for you.

Spoil yourself. When’s the last time you went out and did something just for you? Now is the time to do it. Buy yourself a new outfit or spend a day at the spa. Do something that will put a bright smile on your own face. You deserve it and it will put a little pep in your step. An added bonus is that you’ll look and feel better once you do see your ex again.

Stir up a pot of jealousy. Even if your boyfriend was the one who dumped you, he’s going to react if he thinks you’re dating again. Go out with your friends, flirt and have fun. Let everyone see that you haven’t lost your zest for life just because you two aren’t together anymore.

Get better acquainted with the people close to him. This is a great approach for getting your ex back. You two probably hung out with his friends when you were together. Who’s to say you can’t be friends with them now. Make an effort to reconnect with those people and strike up friendships with them. It will drive your ex crazy knowing you’re friends with the people he spends time with.

Send him a friendly gift. This is a fantastic way to reconnect with an ex. Don’t send him a gift for his birthday or any other special occasion. You should send something small and present it as a just because type of gift. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just send it over to him and wait for him to react. He’ll be pleasantly surprised by it.

Invite him out for a non-date. Once you feel strong enough to see your ex again, invite him out for a casual lunch. Look spectacular when you show up a few minutes late and keep the conversation light hearted and fun. No break up talk allowed during this meeting. He’ll love your outlook and the fact that you’re not going to drudge up the past.

Take off for a couple of weeks. This seems like a ridiculous idea if you’re trying to win a man back but it’s highly effective. If you plan a trip, go on a trip and come back after enjoying your getaway, you’ll be sending a very clear message to your ex that you’re over him. Men hate feeling that. It’s painful and he’ll want to show you that you’re not as over him as you think you are.

Call him for advice. This approach to get your boyfriend back falls under the categories of sneaky and a little underhanded. Choose something that you know he’ll have some knowledge of and then call him and ask his advice. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to handle it yourself. The goal here is to boost his ego and asking his expert opinion will do just that.

Strategically show up at the places you know he goes. Obviously you have to connect with him again if you’re going to get him back. By appearing in the places he frequents and is most comfortable in, you’ll be sending him a positive message. Make small talk when you see him and joke about how you two must think alike. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice.

Love and forgive yourself. Before you can get your man back you have to let go of what’s happened and you have to stop beating yourself up over the break up. Forgive yourself for the break up and what lead up to it. Instead, start embracing the woman you are now. Your positive energy will pull him back.

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