You Slept with Him on the Second Date?

You absolutely couldn’t resist him and you slept with him on the second date. Part of your brain and conscious was telling you it was fine because it was better than hopping into bed with him on the first date, right? The other part is screaming that you’ve made a mess of things because he’s obviously lost interest. It’s really unfortunate that we don’t have a rule book when it comes to dating and intimacy. In some cases you can share yourself with a man right out of the gate and you two will go on to have a long term, deeply satisfying and mutually respectful relationship. In other cases, as in now, you sleep with him too soon and he disappears into thin air.

Essentially you’ve got to decide what you want from this point forward. If he’s someone that you don’t feel that strong of a connection to, it may be worthwhile to chalk it up to a learning experience and simply walk away. You don’t want to put too much emotional energy into a new relationship if there isn’t much promise there.

If you feel that you two could go onto sharing more than you already have, it’s worth pursuing him. You have to approach that with the right mindset. Resenting him for not calling after you two were intimate isn’t the best foundation to build a relationship on.

Understanding why he may be ignoring you now will help you by giving you some insight into what he’s feeling. Men don’t really think clearly before they sleep with a woman. To them it’s all about the thrill of the chase. In those days between meeting you and being intimate with you, you’re the catch and he’s the hunter. You’re utterly irresistible to him then and you can do no wrong. He wants you and he’ll do just about anything to get you.

After you slept with him on the second date it really hit him. He realizes that you actually had sex with him without knowing him very well. Suddenly, he sees you as someone who is hopping from bed to bed soon after meeting a man.

The way to change this perception is to show him all the many facets of who you are. That’s an uphill challenge when he’s ignoring you but it can be done. It starts with initiating contact with him again. Be strict with yourself about bringing up the ill timed intimacy. If you start talking about it, it’s going to make you both uncomfortable.

Instead, invite him out for friendly dates to the movies or for lunch. Approach this second chance as a way to establish a friendship first. Talk about the things that interest you and encourage him to do the same.

He’ll start to see you for who you are, not just a woman who was intimate with him too soon.  That’s the point when you’ll start to know whether you should be introducing sex back into the relationship again. Don’t do it too soon though or you’ll be right back where you started.

If you’ve slept with him too soon there is a way to regain his interest.

Learn how you can erase any mistake with a man and get the relationship back on track.

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