Why Do Men Pull Away Emotionally? Insight Into What Your Man is Feeling

Why do men pull away emotionally? That’s one question that many women search for an answer to. It’s very difficult to understand. When you get close to a man, things may seem to be moving in a forward and positive direction. Then suddenly he pulls back and you’re left feeling very alone and confused. You begin to question whether the things he said about what he felt for you were true. You may even start to wonder about your own ability to trust again. It’s a messy situation and unless you really understand why this happens, you’ll never be able to deal with it effectively.

The question of why men pull away emotionally isn’t confined to just one answer. Most women don’t realize how fickle men are in the beginning of a relationship. You may feel that things are so comfortable that you let your true feelings show too soon. This can happen when a woman blurts out the words, “I love you” before her guy is ready to hear it. Another common reason why men pull back is that intimacy happens too soon for them. He may have been the active pursuer but once he had you, his attitude can change dramatically. You obviously feel discarded and confused when your guy pulls back, but you also have to take into consideration what he’s feeling too.

We view relationships and their development very differently than men do. We see all his flaws and insecurities as being charming and endearing. Men aren’t that way at all. If you come across as being overly jealous or you are always talking to him about your problems, he sees that as extra relationship weight that he isn’t prepared to be carrying so soon.

The fact is that in the very early days of a new relationship you’re being tested on a continual basis. How you handle even the most seemingly insignificant situations will have a strong bearing on whether he chooses to pursue you more. Many men let their guard down and then pull back when they see something, even something apparently inconsequential, in the woman that they find unappealing.

Anytime you make a mistake, even one that you view as insignificant, it can lead to him pulling back from you. Men are typically in search of an ideal mate so if you do anything that doesn’t fit into that mold, you may find yourself feeling emotionally very alone. It’s difficult, but unfortunately it’s a part of relationships that we sometimes have to deal with.

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