When Your Boyfriend Dumps You – Do This or Kiss Him Goodbye for Forever

When your boyfriend dumps you it feels almost as though he’s ripped your heart from your chest and stomped all over it. Maybe that’s a bit overly dramatic, but it certainly feels that way, doesn’t it? All your future dreams are shattered and you have trouble even dragging yourself out of bed in the morning. Nothing feels right and it won’t feel right again until he’s back in your arms.

That’s easier said than done, right? No, not necessarily. When your boyfriend dumps you, you essentially have one chance to put things back together with him. Most women mess this chance up very quickly by doing things like calling their ex over and over again or chasing him down in person trying to get him to talk. Do anything like this and your ex boyfriend will forever remain your ex.

You’ve got to take a much more advanced approach to win him back after he’s dumped you. It’s a bit sneaky but we all know that all’s fair in love and romance. Regardless of why your guy pulled the plug on your romance, it’s up to you to reenergize it. You’re going to do that by dumping him too.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering how it’s even possible to dump a man who has already dumped you, right? It’s simple. At this very moment in time he believes strongly that with a snap of his fingers and one look in your direction, you’ll come running back to him. You are his relationship security blanket at the moment. As cozy as it sounds, it’s not good. You don’t want to be this to any man.

If you turn the tables and essentially dump him too, everything is balanced. In fact, he’s actually going to feel more off balance than you because up to this point he still believed you’d come back to him.

Be super sweet when you actually dump him. You have to do it in a very specific and compassionate way. Call him up and be your friendly self. Make some idle chit chat about the weather, your cat or anything that you can think of. Then it’s time to drop the emotional grenade on him. Very calmly tell him that you’ve been thinking a lot about things and you want to apologize for your behavior post break-up. Tell him you’re sorry you got upset. Then go on to say that you’ve come to the realization that it was really the best thing for you both. Do not elaborate this point. He may push. If he does just tell him that you can finally see things from his point of view. Wish him good things and end the call.

Taking this approach when your boyfriend dumps you helps level the playing field. Once you do this, the ball is in his court. He’ll have trouble not thinking about you and the fact that it’s clear that you’re ready to move on without him.

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