When a Leo Man Ignores You – How to Reawaken His Interest Again

When a Leo man ignores you it can leave you sitting in a puddle of confusion. In your mind, everything between the two of you was going great. Then suddenly he started to pull back until he just stopped talking to you altogether. Try as you might you can’t figure out what went so horribly wrong. The truth is that Leo men can be quite fickle and even one unintended and innocent mistake on the part of a woman can push him away for good. Luckily, that mistake can be undone if you know how to handle it.

The first thing you have to give some thought to when a Leo man ignores you is how much attention you were giving him before he pulled back. One aspect of a Leo’s man personality that you always have to stay focused on is his need for attention. We all want to feel adored and cherished by the person we’re involved with. For Leo men this is no exception. If you had been preoccupied or had pushed him down your priority list as of late, that would definitely cause a shift in his feelings for you.

Leo men can also hold a grudge at times, even over seemingly innocent things. One of the most endearing qualities of these men is their passion and their desire to be deeply connected to the women they love. If you said something that hurt him, he may not be too quick to let it go. It will linger and fester within him and if he doesn’t feel that you are really remorseful he’ll separate himself from you.

Don’t be too quick to give up when a Leo man ignores you. Right now, he’s just stewing within his feelings but that won’t last forever. You can pull him back closer by reestablishing a connection with him. Start by apologizing if you did indeed do something that you know hurt him or upset him. Be direct and genuine. Don’t try and explain away your behavior as Leo men are all about owning who you are as a person. He’ll respect you more if you come clean and just try and make amends.

You already know full well how stubborn Leo men can be. Pushing him to pay you more attention will only backfire. He may get so frustrated and annoyed with your repeated attempts to get his attention that he’ll cut things off forever.

Instead, take it slow and move along at the pace he sets. Stay in contact with him by sending him a brief email or text message every few days. Keep the subjects light and fun. He’ll see that you’re making an effort and it will definitely spark his interest all over again.

When a Leo man ignores you there is a guaranteed way to get him to want you again.

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