The Many Signs That a Man is Falling in Love

Almost every woman wishes there was a way she could see inside her man’s heart. Men are typically much different than we are when it comes to sharing what they feel. Most men keep their emotions close to the vest which seems to work for them. It doesn’t work as well for us. When you’re in a budding relationship with a man and you’re trying to gauge where you stand with him, it’s like shooting pool in the dark. You have no idea what you’re looking at or where everything is hidden. It doesn’t have to be this difficult. There are signs that a man is falling in love that give you great insight into what is happening in his heart.

Here are a few of the many signs that a man is falling in love:

His friends matter less and you matter more. In most dating relationships the woman takes a back seat to the best friends until something monumental happens with his emotions. The moment a man starts to fall in love his priorities shift. No longer is he interested in hanging out with the guys if his girl is free. He’ll spend as much time as possible with you and will never stand you up just to be with his guy friends.

He wants to really do the things you want to do. You can always tell when a man is doing something with a woman that he doesn’t enjoy. Those are always the men who hang back a bit when they’re out on a shopping trip with their girlfriend or they have a pained look on their face at the theatre. When a man is falling in love he’ll go anywhere and do anything just to be with his girl. He won’t care what they are doing because they’re together.

He remembers small details. It’s incredibly frustrating to be with a man who always seems to forget the things you tell him. You may mention an issue you’re dealing with at work and when you bring it up again a week later, he acts like it’s the first he’s heard of it. You feel devalued and upset. He seems oblivious to why that is. If your guy brings up the little details in the things you’ve told him, he’s crazy about you. He’s listening to and absorbing everything you tell him. That’s a very promising sign for your relationship.

He looks at you in a very specific way. There’s no denying that a woman can learn so much about a man through his body language. Pay special attention to the way your guy looks at you. A man in love with stare directly into the eyes of the woman he adores. He’ll have trouble keeping his eyes off her. If you’re always catching him looking your way, he’s definitely smitten with you.

Obviously, there’s no other feeling as fulfilling as knowing the man you love adores you too. Look for these signs in your own relationship and you can take comfort in knowing you’re truly loved.

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