Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back by Doing This Now! Essential Break Up Advice for Women

You’ve decided that life post break up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It happens. You go through a break up and sometimes things aren’t the way you thought they’d be. Maybe you agreed to the split because you thought you’d be able to get over your ex and move on without much problem. Or perhaps he dumped you and in order to save your ego you’ve been telling yourself that you were on the cusp of dumping him too. It doesn’t really matter. What is important is what you’re feeling now. You’ve come to the realization that you need the man in your life. Now you just have to figure out the best way to pull your ex boyfriend back.

All those old movies you’ve been watching in which the heroine proclaims her undying love and devotion to her ex to get him back, aren’t real. It’s a movie after all. In real life you have to take a much different approach if you want to pull your ex boyfriend back. You’ve got to think about what would appeal to him and I can tell you that it’s not long love letters or poems about getting back together. Of course, we’d love it if our ex did things like that for us. He, on the other hand, won’t bat an eyelash over it.

You’ve really got to think like a man when you’re trying to win one back. What appealed to your guy when you two first met? It’s those qualities in yourself that you should be most focused on now. The man wanted you desperately once which means it’s possible for him to feel that same way about you now. That’s why you have to turn yourself back into the woman he couldn’t live without early in your relationship.

Spend the next several weeks working on yourself and avoiding your ex. He needs this time to deflate from the break up anyways. His emotions were running high when you two split and with some time apart, he may be able to gain a fresh perspective. In fact, many women find that when they stop talking to their ex for a time, he thinks about them more and more and suddenly appears with a whole new attitude about getting back together.

Regardless, you’re going to stop worrying about what he’s doing or thinking for the next two weeks. Instead, you’re going to spend that time recreating yourself. Work on the inside and the outside. Let your natural beauty shine through. You need to get your confidence back. Work hard at becoming the best version of yourself you can be. If you do this, he’ll be blown away when he does see you again and he’ll be washed over with all those old memories of how much he truly loves you.

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