Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Do This if You’re Serious About Getting Him Back

You’re desperate, aren’t you? You wake up each day worried about that your ex boyfriend is going to meet someone new and fall in love. As much as you hate to admit it, it is a real possibility. Some people bounce back from a break up in record time. If your guy is one of those he could have a new girlfriend by this time next week. Time is definitely not on your side. You need to act fast if you want to rekindle the dying love. Using psychological tricks to get your ex boyfriend back may be something you want to consider. At first glance this may sound extreme, but once you understand exactly what it entails, you’ll see that it’s nothing more than learning what emotional buttons within him you should be pushing.

There are several psychological tricks to get your ex boyfriend back. What you’re going to focus on is how to go left when he’s expecting you to go right. If you’re like the majority of women who have gone through an unwanted break up, you’ve made it abundantly clear to your boyfriend that you’re still his for the taking. He knows it because you’ve told him in every way possible. You also have probably struggled to get through a conversation with him without crying. We do this because it’s overwhelming and the tears are a natural part of that. Your boyfriend sees it as a sign of weakness though.

Instead of doing what he’s expecting you to do, you’re going to head in an entirely different direction. One of the best moves a woman can make to get a man back is to focus on her own life. Instead of calling him four times a day, stop calling him altogether. Delete his number from your phone. Stop writing long, heartfelt emails to the man. Just give up or at least appear to be giving up. If you can do this, you’re going to accomplish two very important things. First, he’s going to wonder where in the world you’ve gone. He’s expecting you to plead with him to come back. Now that it’s not happening, he’ll start to question his own appeal.

The other thing you’ll accomplish is actually more important that pushing his psychological triggers. You’re going to regain your emotional strength. By separating yourself from him you’ll feel free again. You’ll have a much needed break from all those consuming emotions. You’ll wake up each day feel refreshed and renewed. Life will look and feel different. Most importantly, you’ll finally feel in control of your own life.

Once some women reach this point they actually come to the conclusion that they no longer want their ex. If you don’t, and you still wish he would come back, don’t worry too much. Once he experiences life without you, he’ll feel panicked and he’ll be the one asking you to come back. The difference being by that point it will be your decision and you’ll have your fate in your own hands.

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