Is Ignoring Him for a Few Days The Way to Get Him Back?

Love isn’t always the easiest road to travel. In most relationships there are going to be a mixture of good times and bad times. We feel energetic and enthralled during the good times. Knowing that you’re cherished by a man you adore is a feeling unlike any other. The bad times can often test your faith in him though. When times get very rocky and you two go through a break up, it can almost feel like times comes to a complete standstill. You don’t know how to move forward without him because your heart can’t let him go. Why not try and get him back? You may think it’s impossible based on the fact that you don’t know how to make it happen. Ignoring him for a few days may actually be the key to getting him to want you back again.

I realize that ignoring him for a few days is easier said than done. After a relationship comes to an end and you’re not ready for it, you’re going to hold on by doing anything you possibly can. Essentially that’s akin to staying onboard a sinking ship. You’re the only one trying to save something that right now may not be salvageable. If you can let go of the notion that you can rekindle the dying relationship, you’ll fare better. Instead of trying to put the pieces of the failed union back together, focus on building a newer, stronger and unbreakable foundation.

You have to begin that process by ignoring your ex boyfriend. The reasoning behind this is two-fold. First, you have to give yourself some time to cool down. Right now your emotions are bouncing everywhere. One minute you’re feeling overwhelmed and are lost in a foundation of tears. The next moment you feel strong and determined. You have to get a grip and the best way to do that is to put some emotional distance between you and your ex boyfriend.

The other reason ignoring your ex boyfriend is important is it creates a situation in which he can’t help but realize how much you mean to him. Unlike us, men aren’t convinced of their love for you if you’re telling them. You could talk until you’re blue in the face about how much he needs you. Unless he feels it himself, he won’t truly understand it.

Take your leave from his life starting today. Don’t make the mistake of announcing to him that you’re going to be gone for awhile or you need time to think. That defeats the purpose of using distance. Instead, just busy yourself with other tasks. Focus on the things in your life that you’ve been neglecting lately be it work or friends.

The longer you ignore your boyfriend the more chance he has to understand his life alone and without him. Pull from your inner strength and see this time apart as essential to getting him back. If you do that, you’ll be able to stay away from him and in the process, lay the base for a new and more appreciative relationship.

You can dramatically increase your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back.

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