How to Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back Into Your Life

You want to pull your ex boyfriend back into your life. You’ve had enough of this break up business. He’s your guy and you know it. The problem is that you’ve got to ensure he sees things the same way you do. It seems daunting given the fact that you two went through a less than amicable split. You’ve got the power to draw the man back in if you understand exactly how to do it. Granted relationships are complicated beasts but once you have the proper insight, you can get him to open his heart right back up to you again.

Instead of trying to be something you’re not in an effort to pull your ex boyfriend back, you’re going to accentuate the positive in you.  One of the keys to rekindling lost love is being able to put the past in the past. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But you and I both know from experience that it’s not. You have to trudge through all those difficult emotions and if you don’t handle it just the right way, the pain and disappointment will haunt you forever.

You’re going to take the high road here and reach out to your ex boyfriend. You’re going to do that by way of a sincere and carefully delivered apology. He has to know that you regret what happened between the two of you if you hope to get back together with him. So call him up today and tell him you’re sorry for the things you said and did before and during the break up. You don’t have to go into specifics.

Establishing a new foundation is fundamental to pulling your ex boyfriend back into your life. Let’s face it. If you went to him right now with your heart in your hand and told him you couldn’t live without him, he’d probably feel cornered and uncomfortable. That approach just doesn’t work, unless you’re on a Hollywood film set starring in the next romantic block buster.

You have to pace yourself and your movements with your ex. Instead of pulling out all the romantic cards, work on being a good friend to him. Show him why he needs you in his life by making him smile and laugh. Be supportive and helpful to him without pushing him for anything more just yet.

Getting him back this way may take some time but in the process you two are going to become close and trusted friends. Many couples who have spent years happily together will tell you that’s the best base for any long lasting, mutually satisfying relationship.

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