How to Give Him Space – The Right Way to Handle This Delicate Dating Situation

Your boyfriend has said the dreaded words to you. He’s told you that he wants space, time or distance. The moment he said it, you could feel your dream of a happy future with him vanishing into thin air. You likely stood there perplexed. Maybe you even looked as though someone had punched you in the stomach. It’s overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be devastating. The way you handle this will dictate your future with the man. Learning how to give him space is fundamentally important and will ensure that this is only a bump in the road of your life together.

Understanding how to give him space is all about recognizing the positive in this difficult situation. There’s no way around the fact that when he told you he wanted some time that he was rejecting you. He was. A man who feels emotionally connected and close to a woman has no need or desire to have time away from her. Men only do this when something feels amiss to them. It’s typically a move a man will make when he’s considering ending the relationship. There is a positive to this though. The fact that he’s told you that he does indeed need space signals that he wants some time to think. He’s not breaking up with you on the spot, and that’s actually a very good thing.

Flying off into a temper tantrum is only going to make him rush to a negative judgment about you and any misgivings he may have had about breaking things off will be gone. He’ll likely dump you on the spot if you start putting up resistance to his wanting time. You have to be more calculated and logical than that. This is definitely a case of giving a man exactly what he wants.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are trying to understand how to give your boyfriend space is that you need to back away completely. That means no text messages or emails just to see how he is. For right now you should forget his cell phone number because you’re not going to be the one calling him. This is a case of cold turkey cut off. He needs space and you’re going to show him that you’re mature enough to give it to him.

Don’t spend your time waiting for him to call you. You need to continue living your life just as you did before he pulled back. Let the man see that your happiness and fulfillment is not dependant on being with him. Nothing is more appealing to a man than a woman who can pick herself up, dust herself off and take care of herself.

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