How to Get Him Back Now – Stunning Tips to Win Back an Ex Boyfriend

The only thing you can focus on is how to get him back now. He’s gone and you still love him. Losing a boyfriend is incredibly painful. When you’re still crazy about him it’s even worse. Although people around you may be telling you that you’re better off to cut your losses and move on, you know that’s not possible. He’s your guy. You two belong together. You really have no choice but to try and get him back. If you don’t, it may be a decision you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Understanding how to get him back now includes respecting his need for space. It’s no secret that we hate space as it relates to our man and our relationship. We crave hearing his voice and we ache to talk to him about what went wrong. Almost all women feel the same way. Unfortunately, men don’t. He needs some time and he definitely needs some emotional distance from you. You’ll actually have a better chance of getting him to want you back if you give him a couple of weeks of uninterrupted time. Let him stew in his own emotions, including missing you. It’s more beneficial to the future of your relationship than you realize.

Entertain the idea of meeting someone new. This probably sounds foreign to you given the fact that you’re pining away for your ex boyfriend. It’s all about getting yourself into a more powerful place emotionally. Relationships take time and effort to develop. Going out and meeting someone to hang out with isn’t about that. It’s about occupying your time and your energy. It’s more than acceptable for a woman to make new friends and right now it would be very beneficial if some of your new acquaintances were men. Not only will it help you to feel vital and desirable again but it will ensure your ex boyfriend sees that you’re not afraid of moving on without him.

Being a puddle of uncontrollable emotions is not going to help you to get him back. You have to present yourself as a woman who is self sufficient, balanced and happy. Being depressed or wallowing in sorrow over a lost relationship will never draw that person back to you. In fact, it will push him further away. If you want to magnetically attract him again, show him what he’s missing by being cheerful, vibrant and energetic. By living your life and embracing every experience you’ll pull him closer to you because he’ll want to be a part of that again.

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