How Can I Make Him Want Me Again? Crucial Tips to Help You Get Your Boyfriend Back

How can I make him want me again? There’s a statement that sounds all too familiar to you right now. Your guy and you broke up. At this point it doesn’t matter who initiated the split. The important thing is you’re no longer a couple. You ache for him and moving on without him just is not an option for you. You likely spend hour after hour trying to devise a plan to get him back. I imagine by now you’re feeling emotionally exhausted from the sheer weight of your uncertainty and disappointment. Your life does not have to be like this. You, and you alone, have the power to get your boyfriend back.

Whenever a woman is asking the question, “How can I make him want me again?” it’s said with a heavy heart. Her emotions are boiling over and this puts her in a very vulnerable position. You likely feel as though your boyfriend is the one who controls whether or not you two will get back together. If this is true, that is something that you need to change starting today.

Whenever you allow another person to dictate your future, you’ve left your heart exposed. You wait impatiently in the backdrop of his life waiting for him to throw you a glance every now and again. Your heart leaps out of your chest when he calls and you’ll gladly run over if he wants to see you. Believe me, that is not something that is lost on him. He senses that you’re his for the taking and once a man knows that, the relationship is completely unbalanced.

You have to detach yourself emotionally from him if you stand any chance of getting him back. If you can acknowledge to yourself that the relationship is over, you’ll be on more solid ground emotionally. You won’t feel a need to live your life based around when he may consider taking you back. You’ll feel in control of what happens in your own future.

A good example of how to put this into practice is to make a promise to yourself each morning that for that one day you won’t call him. By doing that you are not only showing your ex that you’re moving forward without him, but you’re gaining some valuable emotional distance that you need to be stronger.

Just as you’ve felt overwhelming panic at the prospect of losing him forever, he’ll feel that too if you remove yourself from his sights.  Make him feel as though he’s not in control of your future together and he’ll start to question whether losing you is something he really wants.

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