Have I Pushed Him Away? How to Know if He’s Losing Interest in You

Have I pushed him away?” There’s a question you hope you never have to ask. When you first start to notice a change in your guy you may attribute it to the stress he feels at work or maybe the fact that he’s feeling very comfortable within the relationship. Over time you start to notice him pulling back more and more. There are small clues in his behavior and try as you might they’re impossible to ignore. If you’re concerned that you’re overreacting, there’s a way to know for certain. There are some signs when a man is losing interest in a woman that you need to pay very close attention to.

If you find yourself asking the question, “Have I pushed him away,” look for an answer in these behavior clues:

He doesn’t say he loves you anymore. Most men aren’t all that willing to say they love you in the first place because they feel emotionally vulnerable when they do. If he has stopped saying it and has now resorted to saying “me too,” after you say it, that’s not good. It’s a sure sign that he’s pulling away from you.

He’s more critical of you. If you’ve pushed a man away because of something you did, he’s likely very hurt by it. Men, just like women, are masters at holding a grudge. If you feel that he’s criticizing you all the time, there’s a reason for that. He’s trying to hurt you as well and that’s never a good thing for the future of your relationship.

He’s stopped initiating contact with you. If you pushed him away, you’ll notice a sharp change in who often and when he contacts you. If he feels that you aren’t as interested in him anymore, his interest will drop off pretty quickly too. He’ll no longer call you just to hear your voice and he won’t reach out to make plans with you. Instead he’ll wait to see how long it takes for you to do those things.

He’ll no longer be interested in intimacy with you. You can always gauge how interested a man is in a woman by how much he desires her physically. If you pushed him away, his interest in that regard is likely going to come to a dead stop. He isn’t going to pursue you if he thinks you don’t want him. He’ll fear rejection.

If you do feel that you’ve pushed him away and you don’t want to lose him, you have to act quickly.  Don’t let him get away if you really do love him.

Have I pushed him away? Are you asking that question?

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