Getting Your Husband to Notice You – How to Make Him Crazy for You Again

Getting your husband to notice you again may feel like something of a challenge. Many married women go through a period where they feel neglected by their husband. He doesn’t give them the attention they need and that leads to difficult feelings like resentment and frustration. It’s often just a result of outside influences such as work and your husband having to tend to other things. He may not even be consciously aware of the fact that he’s making you feel those things. It’s not something you have to resign to live with for the rest of your life though. You can change this part of your marriage and make your husband as wild about you now as he was on your wedding day.

Many married women fall into this pattern within their marriage where they start to feel as though they’ve faded into the background. It often starts to happen when children arrive or when the husband’s career becomes more consuming. All of a sudden all the attention he was showering on you is now displaced. It’s directed to others or other things and that leaves you feeling alone and confused. Before you place all the blame on your husband though take a look at your own behavior within the marriage. We often are guilty of the same neglect as our spouse is. If you have pushed your husband aside in order to tend to other things, you need to place him higher on your own priority list. Doing this is simple and can make a huge difference in the way he relates to you.

Each and every day do something special for your spouse. Go out of your way to cook his favorite meal or arrange a dinner out for the two of you at his favorite place. Another wonderful gesture is to plan a weekend getaway for the two of you to a place he really enjoys. Maybe it’s to the mountains for some hiking or to the lake so he can indulge in some fishing. The goal for you should be to plan outings that will enable you two to reconnect without any distractions.

Remember the woman you were when you two first married? He absolutely adored who you were then. One of the effective ways of getting your husband to notice you is to focus more on your own life, apart from his. That may sound odd but it actually works in a very specific way. Your husband wants to be with someone who is dynamic and interesting. Focus on the things you enjoy in life for now. That may mean reinventing your career or taking some classes at night. When your husband sees that you are embracing life more, he’ll be magnetically drawn back to you again.

Getting your husband to notice you again is possible.

Learn the guaranteed way to get your husband to love you more.

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