Get Your Ex to Show His True Feelings! Finally Know if He Still Cares for You

Do you wish your ex would show his true feelings? It can be incredibly frustrating to yearn for a man and yet not know where his heart is. Just because the two of you went through a break up does not mean that it’s the end of your relationship. Many couples who drift apart end up back together and more in love than ever. You can easily be one of them but first you have to know if your ex still feels the same way about you as he used to. There are actually things you can do that will test what he’s feeling for you. You’ll finally know just where you stand with him.

You may think that the best way to get your ex to show his true feelings is to ask him. That seems logical enough, doesn’t it? After all, we all learn from a very young age that communication is essential in any relationship. The problem is that you’ve both been impacted emotionally by the break up. If he’s feeling vulnerable at all he’s not going to throw his heart out there by professing his undying love for you. It won’t happen. He’s going to protect himself for now which means that he’s not going to openly discuss what he’s feeling. If you persist with asking him over and over again about it, you can count on him eventually breaking off all contact with you because of all the pressure he’ll feel.

You really have to take a much more subtle, yet telling approach if you want to understand what your ex feels for you. Testing him is the best and safest way to understand what he feels for you. Although some women may suggest you hook up with a hot guy and watch your ex boyfriend’s reaction, that isn’t advisable. That could actually come back to bite you in that your ex may decide you’ve moved forward and are completely over him so he’ll set out to do the same. That’s obviously not the reaction you want.

A much better way to test what he’s feeling is to pull back and distance yourself from him. You have absolutely no obligation or reason to talk to him since the relationship is now over. By removing yourself from his life you’ll be forcing him to face the future alone and without you waiting in the wings.

If you do this and you don’t hear from him for several weeks, it’s best to brace yourself for the reality that he’s really over you and he’s likely ready to move on, if he hasn’t yet. However, if he starts to make contact via the phone or even text messaging, there’s definitely some lingering feelings still swirling around on his part. Creating a bit of distance and then sitting back to see how he’ll react is really the best way to get a glimpse into what is really going on with him.

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