Do You Want to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Then You Need to Do This Now!

Do you want to get your ex boyfriend back? Of course you do, you love the man, right? You’ve likely been looking high and low for advice on what does and doesn’t work when you’re trying to win back a man’s love. As much as you want to put your faith in the advice of your close friends and family members, that may not be what’s best for you. Unless they’ve lived through a break up and have gotten their man back, they may not be able to really guide you in the right direction. Fortunately, there is some advice that is proven to work. If you are serious about reuniting with your guy, then you need to do a few things as soon as possible.

If anyone were to ask you right now, do you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. You feel driven to get him back and that may actually be hurting you in the long run. When a woman makes it perfectly clear to her guy that she’d do just about anything to get him back, he’ll likely look the other way. If you’re throwing yourself at your ex boyfriend’s feet, he’ll walk right over you and look for the next attractive woman to come along. He wants a challenge. Men always want a challenge so you need to give that to him.

The best thing you can do if you want to ensure your ex boyfriend comes back to you is separate yourself from him for now. You have to show the man that you can live without him. He needs to see that you can be happy even if you’re not with him. The moment that a man realizes his ex girlfriend is over him, he has regrets. Suddenly she goes from being someone he could have anytime he wanted to someone he can’t have at all. That knowledge lights a fire beneath a man and he’ll do just about anything to get his woman back.

You have to remain calm and appear in control if you want to get your guy to come back to you. The best advice you can take right now is to shift your focus off of him and the break up and back onto yourself. It’s okay to be a bit selfish sometimes. Right now is the perfect time for that.

Do your own thing for a few weeks and avoid talking with your ex. If you can stay strong and do this, the entire dynamic of the relationship you two had will have changed, without you saying or doing anything other than ignoring him. Your disinterest in him is what will make him want you more. Never lose sight of the fact that men always are running after the thing they can’t have in life. Become unattainable and he’ll be yours all over again.

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