Do Leo Men Come Back After a Break Up? How to Make Sure He Does

Do Leo men come back after a break up? Many women wonder about this after they’ve split with the man they love.  None of us truly have the ability to see in the future. If we did, we could stop a break up before it happened. Unfortunately, you may not realize how much you need your guy until it feels as though it’s too late. If you feel stuck in holding mode because you don’t feel capable of moving on without him, you have to change something. You actually have the ability to reverse the break up and get your Leo to come running back to you.

When you hurt a Leo man it’s felt intently by him. They can hold onto emotional pain for a long time and it can come to feel as though nothing you do will ever mend his broken heart. If the break up was caused by something you did, you have to get to work mending those fences. That needs to start with a sincere apology. Be honest about what you did. Tell him that you deeply regret it. It’s not advisable to go into details about what drove you to do what you did. That will only stir up all the difficult emotions he was feeling at the time. Instead, focus on moving forward by cleaning the slate.

Your work is only beginning once the apology is made. You have to set out to prove that you aren’t the type of girl to make the same mistake twice. Stay focused on showing your Leo man that you’re a new woman. If he senses that you really have learned a valuable lesson and you’re striving to be a better person, it will impress him.

If the break up was more about a loss of interest, you can still get your Leo man to come back to you. Leo men really do bore easily and they can tire of a relationship if it becomes mundane or predictable. In this case, your strategy to win him back has to focus on showing him how spontaneous you can be. Initiate a friendship with him and then keep him on his toes. Learn something new be it a new language or how to sky dive. Show him just how unpredictable you can be. He’ll love the new exciting version of you and the friendship will transform itself into more because he’ll find you so irresistibly alluring.

One constant that you need to always remember when you are trying to reignite a lost love with a man like this is to never appear desperate. You already know you’re appealing and he’ll come to realize that in time again as well. By displaying unending self confidence you’re silently telling him that you know what a catch you are. He’ll love that.

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