Contacting Your Ex Boyfriend

Contacting your ex boyfriend is one of those things you know you need to do but yet you hesitate. Let’s face it. If you love him and want him back sooner or later you have to reach out to him. He’s not going to suddenly appear at your door professing his undying love if he has no idea where you stand in terms of wanting him back. The idea of contacting him can make you a pile of nerves though. There are so many variables to consider. What if you call and he doesn’t answer? What if he realizes it’s you and then refuses to talk? If you want to avoid all of this, there is a way to regain contact with him that is super simple and easy.

When it comes to contacting your ex boyfriend there’s no time like the present. There is one caveat to that though. You should try and establish contact as soon as possible but only if you’re feeling emotionally strong enough to. It’s critically important that you aren’t a crying mess when you call him. You don’t want the first thing he hears to be you begging him to come back. Gather all the inner strength you can muster up before you call. You really do need to appear to be cool, calm and collected when he picks up.

There are a few believable approaches to take when you’re calling your ex boyfriend. It’s not advisable that you jump into telling him how much you love him during this first call. That’s probably going to overwhelm him and it may actually make him retreat emotionally. If that happens you may not be able to pull him closer to you again for a long time.

Instead, consider whether there is any notable event going on in his life right now. Is his birthday right around the corner or did he just get a promotion? Anything like this is reason enough for you to call and congratulate him or send your well wishes.

If that’s not the case you need another legitimate excuse to call him. If he left anything at your place, that’s perfect. You can call and first ask how he is and answer that you’re doing well if he does happen to ask. Then tell him that you’re calling about the item in question. Just casually mention that you didn’t know if it was something he’d like to have back. It’s essential that you stay strong throughout this even if the thing you are discussing held great sentimental value to you.

It’s important that you end this call first. You don’t want to linger on the call too long as that will increase the chances of there being awkward silences which are never a good thing. Once the first call is behind you, wait a week or two to call again. This time just say you’re calling to see how he is.

Continue to do this and in time you’ll see that he’ll be the one calling you. That will help balance out your new relationship and as it progresses, you two will find the opportunity to discuss what did happen between you and the possibility of a renewed chance at love.

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