Commitment Problems – What’s a Woman to Do if Her Guy Won’t Commit?

You’ve got commitment problems. You probably never imagined this would happen to you. You love your boyfriend, you know that he loves you, yet the man won’t take the relationship to the next level. You’ve asked him about it and he’s got several reasons why he just can’t commit. Maybe it’s because he thinks he’s too young, perhaps he doesn’t feel he’s established financially or maybe he just says he’s fearful of that level of seriousness. The reason doesn’t really matter. The fact that he won’t commit to you does.

Dealing with commitment problems is never easy. Society has taught us how important it is for us to share everything we feel with the man in our lives. We want to because it’s important for the relationship to move forward, right? The problem is that if he’s stuck his heels in the sand on the issue of commitment and you continue to push him relentlessly by talking about it all the time, he’ll refuse even more. By then it’s becoming a battle of the wills and he doesn’t want to be perceived as weak by giving in. If this has been your strategy, change it now.

The current dynamic of your relationship may actually have a lot to do with why your man won’t commit to you. Women often take on the role of the giver in their relationships. In their effort to win their guy’s heart they give it their all. Their all is often way too much. If your guy knows that you would literally do anything for him because you’ve told him, he knows that you’re head over heels for him. In his mind there’s absolutely no reason to commit to you because you’re already his. If he senses that he can do no wrong in your eyes and that you’ll stick around for the long haul with or without a commitment, he’s not going to give you one anytime soon.

So what’s a woman to do if her guy won’t commit to her? She has to seriously look at what she wants out of the relationship and how long she’s willing to wait to get it. If he shows absolutely no signs of wanting to commit to you within the next couple of years, consider taking a break. Some time apart can dramatically change each partner’s view of the other and of the importance of the relationship. Who knows? He may realize while you two are apart that he truly can’t live without you. If that’s the case, his attitude about commitment and all that goes with it will change too.

You don’t have to continue to deal with commitment problems.

Learn what you can do to get your man to commit to you.

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