Your Boyfriend Wants to Dump You! Are You Really Going to Let That Happen?

Your boyfriend wants to dump you. Perhaps he was bold and came right out and said it. Maybe he has more tact than that and his actions are giving you insight into where his heart is at. Regardless, it’s not easy to watch your relationship slip through your fingers. Every woman you talk to about this is going to offer you her own piece of invaluable advice. Depending on her life experiences some of that advice may serve you well, but some may just put the nail in the coffin of your failing relationship. You’re a smart girl. If you don’t want this relationship to crash and burn into a million pieces change things now. Take control and learn how to keep the man you love.

What’s the first thing you think you should be doing when your boyfriend wants to dump you? If you’re like most women, panic or cry is what comes to mind. Understandable, of course, but not helpful in any way. If you allow your emotions to take control of your actions, you’re headed for a disaster that you won’t be able to recover from. It won’t be pretty. You’ll be standing in front of him, tears streaming down your face begging him for a second chance. He’ll be emotionless, looking uncomfortable and thinking that dumping you was the smartest thing he ever did. Think about every move you make before you make it if you want the man back. That’s a rule you cannot forget!

Here’s the short version of what you need to be doing when your boyfriend is about to break up with you. Steady yourself for the emotional blow. See it as a part of your relationship process. View it as a temporary state of mind for him. You can change his mind and you will change his mind. You must not overreact when he actually tells you it’s over. If you become hysterical, the work involved to win him back is that much harder.

All is fair in love and break ups so you’re going to throw the break up right back at him. When he dumps you, tell him that you’re relieved in a way because you were considering the same thing. His male ego is going to feel the sting of that for a very long time. A part of him secretly wants to feel that you’d take him back at anytime. If that’s not the case, you actually become more appealing to him. Stay on course with being in control of what you’re feeling. Don’t cry around him, smile instead. If you feel the urge to start begging him to come back, end the conversation by saying you have things to tend to. Do what you have to in order to ensure that his impression is that you’re a woman who is happy to be free and looking forward to moving on. That will be enough to make him start to wonder whether dumping you is what is best for him.

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