Your Boyfriend Walked Out on You! If You Love Him Still Do This Now to Get Him Back

Your boyfriend walked out on you. Ouch! Most of us can sympathize with you because we’ve felt that pain before. Being dumped is a direct blow to not only your heart, but your ego too. It’s even more humiliating if you love the man and didn’t see it coming. How is it that a once happy and fulfilling relationship can end on such difficult terms? Throughout it all you’ve never wavered on how much you love your boyfriend and you secretly dream about the day he’ll come crawling back to you. You may not realize that you hold most of the power when it comes to getting back together. If you really want it, why not make it happen?

When your boyfriend walked out on you I’m going to guess that you went into full fledged battle mode. Your heart took a direct hit so you launched into a crusade to get him back. That’s where you made your first mistake. Trying to reason with a man who has dumped you when your emotions are off the chart is a recipe for relationship disaster. You’re crying, pleading, begging, and maybe even threatening him. He’s likely standing there all cool, calm and collected. It frustrates you even more and you become increasingly unreasonable. It’s an ugly and unfortunate sight. It’s also never going to work in terms of getting him back.

Here’s what does work after your boyfriend has left you. You’re going to pull on that reserve of inner strength inside of you that you know exists. Stop crying, push all the panic to the side and get focused. You have one goal right now and that’s to get back the man you love. You can do it if you get your mind into a less emotional state.

He dumped you and it hurt, right? That’s because rejection is a bitter pill to swallow. It eats at you and drives you to want that person back. That’s why you’re going to follow suit and dump him. Naturally it’s not going to have the same stunning impact that it had on you but it will derail him. He won’t see it coming.

It’s easy enough to do. You do have to be in control of what you’re feeling when you do it though. You don’t want to be crying. Gather all your strength and call him up. Be friendly and compassionate. Tell him that you just wanted to thank him for helping you see the positive direction your life could take. Be vague but sound excited. Then wish him well. Tell him you’ve got to run and hang up.

In that one swift exchange you will have completely shifted the dynamic of the relationship. He’s suddenly the rejected one and that will pull at him emotionally. He’ll think about you more and more and the only remedy for it is to get you back.

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