You Want to Date Your Ex Boyfriend? Get Out There and Make it Happen!

You want to date your ex boyfriend again. You’ve given it careful thought and have come to the conclusion that he’s the guy for you. It makes sense. You two had a wonderful relationship and although you broke up, that doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t meant to be. Many couples who struggle through a separation get back together and are happier than they’ve ever been before. Here’s the thing though. You can’t get him back if you don’t take action to make it happen. That’s why you need to start working on your plan to win back his love today.

If you want to date your ex boyfriend again you do have to take a brief trip down memory lane first. You two broke up for a reason and unless you acknowledge the reason and do something to change things, the end result of your second chance will mirror the first. You can’t expect to simply erase the past as though it never happened. Think about what caused the break up and what you can do now to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Work on that so when you do win him back your second chance at love with him won’t end in disaster.

The meat and potatoes of the plan to start dating your ex boyfriend again is actually relatively simple. You have to establish a new link to him. You can’t just call him up one day out of the blue and announce that you want to be his girlfriend again. He won’t be prepared for that and he’ll likely head for the hills.

Instead, start out nice and easy. Treat him just as you would any friend when you reconnect with him. Engage him in neutral conversations about things like the weather, any movies he’s been to lately and how his work is progressing. Keep things light and fun. You don’t want any drama so don’t you dare bring up the break up or how you dream about being back in his arms. There will be plenty of time for all that later.

Work on establishing a comfortable and committed platonic friendship with him. It’s not going to be the easiest thing for you emotionally but it’s all about working towards a second chance. You need to show him that he can trust in you again. Let him see that he can and work towards creating a new, unbreakable bond. Once that happens, a romance will be the next logical step for you both.

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