When Your Boyfriend Dumps You – What You Need to Do as Soon as Possible!

When your boyfriend dumps you and you still love him it’s going to feel as though you’ve been hit by a freight train. You don’t know left from right anymore and you certainly can’t think straight at all. Your heart actually feels as though it’s broken into small fragments. You ache and you cry. The pain feels endless and with your emotions running over you can’t form a thought about what your next move should be. This sounds an awful lot like you right now, doesn’t it? You need to pick yourself up, brush off your heart, and get busy working on a plan to get your man back. He’s not going to come crawling back to you if you don’t take action now.

The first thing that you likely felt compelled to do when your boyfriend dumped you was argue with him. This is never pretty and can escalate into ugly very fast. The scenario is much the same regardless of how long you two have been together. He delivers the news that he wants out of the relationship, you start to cry. Then you demand to know why. He comes up with a plausible excuse and you tell him that’s not good enough. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Here’s the scenario that should be playing out in your life right now. When your boyfriend breaks up with you, you need to do one very important thing. You need to dump him too. How’s that possible you’re wondering? It’s quite simple. The man is ending the relationship on his terms. He’s the one deciding when it’s time to call it quits. That means he has control. If you steal that back from him, you’ll feel more balanced and consequently he’ll feel very unbalanced.

Don’t be cruel when you do it. Just tell him in a very sweet way that you’re fine with the break up and relieved that he was the one who had the courage to do it first. He’ll look puzzled by that so elaborate a little. Go on to say that you’ve been toying with the idea for awhile because obviously you two just weren’t working out.

In that brief instant you’ve bruised his ego and set a fire beneath him. The very moment a man feels as though a woman is just out of his reach is the moment he wants her back. His attitude towards you will change and it won’t be long before he’s talking about the possibility of rekindling your lost romance.

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