What to Say After a Break Up to Him – The Words Your Ex Boyfriend Needs to Hear

You’re wondering what to say after a break up to him. You’ve already run all the possible scenarios through your mind, haven’t you? You imagine walking up to your ex boyfriend and saying something that will make him melt. You may have already given some thought as to what that should be. Perhaps you’ve taken it a step further and practiced in front of the mirror. It’s natural to do this because you obviously recognize that once you do see and talk to your ex, you really only have that one chance to make him want you back. So is there something in particular you can say that will set the stage for the two of you to get back together? Yes, there is and you’ll likely be a little surprised by what it is.

When you’re considering what to say after a break up, don’t overlook the obvious. No, that’s doesn’t mean you should be telling him that you love him. That’s something that will come later, much later in the process of getting him back. What you need to say to him is very simple. You need to say you’re sorry. You don’t have to be specific. If he asks what you’re sorry for just tell him everything. He’ll assume this means the events before the break up and perhaps even your behavior afterwards. By telling him you’re sorry you’re establishing a new foundation for the two of you to build on.

Once you’ve made your apology it’s important not to press your ex boyfriend for any more than that at the moment. Actually, the best thing you can do is to walk away from him and give him space. You shouldn’t cut yourself out of his life completely but you do need to take some time for yourself and grant him the same. You both need time to mourn the loss of the relationship and think about what you really want in the future.

It’s important for you to recognize the power of maturity after a break up. As much as you feel the need to plead with him to come back to you, don’t. You have to show him that you’re okay and that you can move forward without him. It’s that inner strength and belief in yourself that he’ll find utterly irresistible. Stay strong and focused on the future in the days and weeks after the split, and he’ll be drawn back to you like a magnet.

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