My Boyfriend Wants to Take a Break! Stop Panicking and Do This Now

My boyfriend wants to take a break. Help!” You can almost hear the panic that is inevitably going to be in a woman’s voice when she says that. We’re smart creatures. We know exactly what it means when our man tells us he wants a break, space, time, distance or any combination of them. It means he wants a break from you. It’s a way to sugarcoat the fact that he’s not happy and wants out. Unless you do something drastic now, that man is not going to be your boyfriend for long.

Whenever you hear a woman saying, “My boyfriend wants to take a break,” she’s focused solely on how to keep him from doing so. It’s a natural response. When you feel the person you cherish most starting to pull away, you want to hold onto them as tight as you possibly can. It makes sense, right? However, that’s not going to help you keep him interested in you. In fact, each and every time you cry, plead or argue with him about the fact that he wants to take a break, it makes him feel more justified in his decision. That’s why you’re going to do something you never thought you’d do.

Since he wants a break, why don’t you give him just that? Instead of using all your energy trying to get him to see things your way, start seeing things his way. He knows you love him so he’s waiting for the inevitable backlash when you start trying to get him to stay. If that never comes and instead he’s presented with a woman who says she wants a break too, his world comes crashing down. He’ll feel confused and he’ll even feel a bit rejected. You need that to happen.

It sounds so much easier than it is, doesn’t it? Right now it’s hard to imagine even forming the words and telling him that you’ve been thinking about a break too. You really have to see things from a big picture point of view right now though. There are certain, very specific psychological triggers within men that make them react. If you don’t push those triggers, he’ll take his break and it will morph into a permanent break up.

By telling him that you understand his desire to have a break and adding to that the fact that you want one too, you are essentially laying the foundation for the two of you to get back together. Your rejection of him is what will fuel his undeniable need to get you back. See rejecting him now as a fundamental move towards getting him back forever. If you can view it from that angle, you can make it happen.

If your boyfriend wants to take a break, you have to act now.

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