My Boyfriend Has Been Acting Distant – Act Fast to Keep Him!

If your boyfriend has been acting distant you’ve probably run a million different scenarios through your mind. What most of us do in a situation like this is try and find a logical reason for his behavior. We look to our close friends to help with this and they tell us things like it just means he’s so overcome with love that he needs to catch his breath. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Another reason we want to desperately believe is that he’s pondering the future and when he should be popping the question. As much as you wish that were true, deep down inside you know it’s not.

When a man starts to distance himself from the woman he’s involved with it’s for one reason and one reason only. He’s on the brink of a break up. Some men just don’t have the nerve to unceremoniously dump their girlfriend so they pull back. Typically it comes in the form of fewer dates, less frequent phone calls and forgotten intimacy. There’s no denying that his feelings have changed. He doesn’t come right out and say it, but his actions speak loudly and clearly for him.

You’ve essentially got two choices when you’re presented with this situation. You can let the relationship die a slow and painful death. If you’re not into him anymore either, this is clearly something you need to seriously consider.

The other choice, and the only one if you love him, is to pull him closer to you again. It would be great if it were as easy as telling him that you can’t live without him or that you’ll never love another man again. It only works that way in the movies.

Here’s what you need to do if you don’t want this relationship to end. You have to acknowledge to yourself and to him that he’s no longer satisfied with the way things are. Talk to him about it without being accusatory. Let him know that you recognize that things have changed for him and you’d like to talk about it. He may tell you that nothing is wrong because he wants to avoid a confrontation. Respect that.

Your goal right now has to be getting him to fall back in love with you. You have a head start on this because he fell deeply in love with you once. Focus your energy and attention on showcasing the qualities within yourself that you know he absolutely adores. Let those shine though. All the while remain supportive and understanding with him. He’ll see the best in you again and all those feelings he once had for you will come rushing back to the surface again.

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