If You’re Not Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend You’re Making a Huge Mistake – Find Out Why!

It’s virtually the same for every woman who goes through a break up with the man she loves. At first she’s filled with undeniable anger. It’s hard to fathom how a man you can love so very much could just dump you. It’s natural to seethe with anger and resentment when it first happens. Once that has passed you move onto feeling sadness. You realize what you’ve lost and your whole world feels unbalanced and empty. Finally, you start to feel desperate. It’s overwhelming and it’s when women start plotting about how they’re going to get a boyfriend back. If you’re at this stage now, think twice before you do anything. In fact, there’s only one thing you should be doing right now. If you’re not ignoring your ex boyfriend, you’re never going to get the man back.

Although ignoring your ex boyfriend seems like a horrible idea given the fact that your goal is to get him back, it actually works amazingly well. It’s all about human psychology and pushing certain, very specific triggers within your boyfriend that will make him ache to be back with you.

Here’s a quick scenario that illustrates this point very well. After the break up, let’s say a man is presented with two different versions of his ex girlfriend. One is out of control emotionally. She’s the one who is calling him repeatedly and begging him to come back. She makes up stories of how she’s in peril just so he’ll come rescue her. She’s also the one who enlists the help of mutual friends to get him back.

The other version of the woman is completely in control of herself. She’s calm and accepting. Once the break up occurs she wishes her ex boyfriend well and walks off into the sunset. Their mutual friends play a role in this scenario as well, but it’s much different. They give him updates on his ex girlfriend every couple of weeks and he hears that she looks fantastic, is happy and is out having fun again.

Which of these two women seem more desirable to you? Men will always chase after an ex girlfriend who ignores them because she’s giving him the impression that she’s just not interested anymore. He starts to miss her when he realizes this and then his male pride kicks into overdrive and he’s determined to have her back for the sole reason that she doesn’t want him.

It’s easy to see what you need to do to get your guy back. Stop acting like you can’t live without him and show him that you can. If you do that, and do it well, he’ll be yours again in no time at all.

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